Who are the Winners of this year’s Survivor reality show?

Turkey » Bodrum

At the evening of Sunday, June 30, 2019 was held the Final of Survivor-3. The big Final of the survival reality presented by SKAI was held this year (after an official invitation by Bodrum’s Mayor Mr. Ahmet Aras) for the first time in three years, in Bodrum in Turkey, while the Semifinal of the Turks was taking place at the same time and at the same place. Except from many Turks, also many Greeks attended the final ceremony the most of them came mainly from the island of Kos, which is very close to Bodrum! At the finale of the ceremony, Katerina Dalaka emerged as the great winner of Survivor-3 for Greece!!! The Greek athletics track champion, unlike last year, this time managed to win the coveted prize, while on 2018 at Survivor-2, and although she reached the final, she lost the prize from Ilias Gotsis. For the first time, we saw two women being the couple of the finalists. Aphrodite Skafida took the fourth, while Nikos Kosmas took the third place. Making the Survivor final, a women's... affair Katerina Dalaka and Dimitra Vamvakousi competed each other in the final show for taking the majority of the positive votes of the television audience. The next day, after the Greek Final, on Monday, 1 July 2019 the Turkish Final followed, where a woman and a man were the two finalists: Seda Ocak and Yusuf Karakaya. Turkey's Survivor-3 winner is Yusuf Karakaya!

So we say goodbye to this year's SURVIVOR-3, which proved that there can be Greek-Turkish friendship and efficient cooperation between the two countries’ people even under the most difficult conditions and in situations of fierce competition! Warm Congratulations to both WINNERS of the TWO COUNTRIES!! Believing that they will continue following their dreams with the same passion and zeal...we wish them good luck and further success to all the goals of their live!