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For the coffee, at POTIRI...Take your coffee away and drink it in the Car!

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When creative imagination meets business innovation….

In Thessaloniki, in Pylea area, at the Panorama streets’ junction, you will find a "special building", designed with innovative architecture, in the shape of a giant cup of coffee, which can't be unnoticed. There is "Potiri", a new drive-through cafe, which is open daily from: 6.00 am - 1.00 am! This special project was implemented by a team of businessmen with about 30 years of experience in the field of catering and coffee, who decided to realize this pioneering idea of which they imagined and dreamed...Their target was to create a cafe that will provide the customer with a complete "drive-through" experience, emphasizing the speed of service, the simplification of ordering and receiving procedures, as well as ensuring best quality and fresh products. The concept of this particular cafe, that is quite common in other countries, is that the customer, following the special marking, drives his vehicle to the order window, where he places his order paying at the same time the corresponding amount, while then drives towards the next window, receives his order and continues his ride or journey. It is an easy, pleasant and fast process that mainly serves those who do not have time to sit down to drink a coffee and therefore they prefer to drink it while driving…

In POTIRI CAFÉ, except of all kinds of coffee, you will also find: hot and cold tea, some kinds of sorbet (granites), milk shakes, energy drinks, soft drinks and fresh juices, wines, spirits, classic and signature cocktails, sweets and various snacks such as: buns, pies, bougatsa, cold sandwiches, pinsa premium XL etc…But in addition to the 'drive-through" service in the car, there is also a DELIVERY service and with just one phone call, the boy with the motorbike, will bring you your favorite coffee, drink or snack, at your place, at office or home!

“Innovation is seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought.” So live the unique “drive through” experience at POTIRI CAFE!

To Potiri-32 Veroias Street, Pylaia (Panorama junction), 55535 Thessaloniki-Greece
+30 2310300771
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