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Today’s travelers want to experience the country from a “how the locals live” perspective, by discovering uncommon places and secret sights. Touristree provides a variety of organized tours to surprising locations, all designed to give an authentic and uniquely “local perspective” with emphasis on –out- of the way- places and authentic experiences.

Their services include pick-up and drop-off from the hotel or conference center, professional guides and transportation, refreshments and more. Flexible and personalized, the trips are the perfect option to accommodate the schedules of all manner of guest, whether traveling for business or pleasure. Whether you are in town for a few hours or a few days, you can find a tour option that can fit your program. The transparent booking and payment process is easy and quick: either reserve with Touristree directly, or via your hotel or conference organizer. You can join a tour as a single, family, or group of participants, or pre-design your own. Custom-organized tours are priced separately, based upon the particular content and location.

Touristree offers a variety of organized tours certain to satisfy the discerning traveler and enhance their overall hospitality experience. Touristree also works in complement with existing tourist services as: Hotels & Resorts, Event Organizers, Tour Agents, and Cruise Ships.


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