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The New Social Media for Writers and Readers

Urnovl is an online library working as a social network bringing writers and readers to an online community. Urnovl or "Your novel" that means "Your own story" is the realization of a vision for a product that will fill the gaps in the books’ section and through which an uninterrupted culture will be produced such as novels, poetry, theatrical scenarios etc…

Do you like to write stories, read stories, comment on them and rate them? Are you a writer or do you love writing and you don’t know how and where to express your talent? You have ideas ... you have imagination ... you have many thoughts and concerns ... you are looking for ways to express all these ... you like to share it... or you just like to read and enrich your mind with stories that satisfy your emotional and psychological pursuits, then Urnovl has been created for you! As a writer, you can publish your personal or general stories and receive comments, while as a reader you have the ability to follow your favorite writers, to read their stories, comment on them and rate them, to vote for your favorite stories, and to receive live notifications for the new postings. At the beginning, Urnovl was intended to be used as a general writing tool, where each writer could start to write a story and other writers would continue writing with their own chapters! On the way, many more features were added and now Urnovl has been developed into a high-tech social platform committed to serve writers, readers and businesses!

At the BackOffice of Urnovl there is a group of young people, professionals with great experience (graphic designers, programmers and marketing professionals) who identified a need, worked out the idea and implemented it. However, the main creators and founders of Urnovl are two Greeks: Tassos Tsipidis and Dimitris Mouratidis. Tasos, with a degree in mathematics and finance, as well as with a work experience in addressing and developing software products, is responsible for the product development and the general management of Urnovl. Dimitris, the project technician, with years of work experience in software development and web programming languages, is responsible for developing and maintaining the platform’s software.

So the Urnovl team invites you all to try and discover the fantastic world of this innovative, high-tech social platform. They feel sure that you will be excited about this project and they are open to any ideas or suggestions for new applications or improvements.... because in Urnovl there are no limits... "Sky is the limit"!

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