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At Thessaloniki New Sea Front, near the Music Hall and the General Clinic, in Maria Kallas Street, you can meet WHIPEAT’s beloved mobile cart. It is always there, especially during summer, from early in the afternoon till late in the evening. This cart is a mobile little store where you can find delicious crisp loukoumades to satisfy even the most demanding lovers of these ultimate delights. Public health inspection accredited, it is made of stainless materials, battery powered, with water supply and all the equipment required for making loukoumades. Even a modern confectionery would envy it. The owner’s passion and taste is depicted in its special esthetic quality, the beautiful colors and its European standard modern design. The eye-catching owner’s and his colleagues’ uniforms and their colorful caps call you to visit this charming store.

Behind WHIPEAT’s countertop you can meet Konstantinos Kartaloglou, the owner of this small but authentic and well organized business, a young chef who stands out for his professionalism, kindness and his irresistible smile. Konstantinos, who has been working on the production of loukoumades since 2012, took his grandmother’s old traditional recipe from Smyrna and adapted it to the needs and wishes of today’s market, creating LOUKOUMADES FOR ALL, without egg and milk, which can be consumed even during the periods of fasting. WHIPEAT’s comparative advantage which differentiates it from its competitors, apart from the special taste of its traditional loukoumades, is the CHOCOLATE LOUKOUMADES, a unique authentic product that you cannot find elsewhere! All loukoumades are dressed up with special different sauces such as chocolate praline, white chocolate, caramelized praline, pure flower honey and rose locum (exclusive WHIPEAT recipe). You can also choose among multiple toppings and add vanilla biscuit, cocoa biscuit, coconut and colorful truffles so as to make an interesting combination.

The WHIPEAT mobile cart can be set up everywhere, even far from Thessaloniki and even farther, beyond the Greek borders! You will be glad to enjoy the loukoumades experience at any place you wish. Let them know more details about your social or corporate event, such as wedding, christening, children’s party, receptions, bazaar, charity event, school celebrations, openings, different shop events etc. and they will do their best to fascinate your guests.

WHIPEAT’S loukoumades are the most delicious in Thessaloniki. No further comments....DO NOT MISS THE CHANCE TO TASTE THEM, as this mouthwatering delight IS LOVE AT FIRST….BITE!!! 

46th Efesou Str., Nea Krini 55132 Thessaloniki / Greece
+30 6932283936
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