Who is the Turkish Producer behind the great success of "Survivor"?

Whatever he does, turns into big success.
Now he is making his first steps on Greek TV and after a dynamic start with "The Voice", his future on Greek television seems to be bright, as "Survivor" exceeded all expectations, pushing the speedometer of viewership to very high levels.
Acun Ilicali was born in Adrianople in 1969, where he lived for nine years happily with his father, mother and brother. At the age of 10 he moved to Istanbul to live with his grandmother and to attend "Anadolu" school in Kadikoy. He was missing his family, which he was deeply attached to. He was only seeing them on weekends, when they were coming to Istanbul to visit him.
His relationship with the school lessons wasn't very good, yet thank to his mother's insistence he managed to reach up to the University and complete his studies after eight years.
19 years old he made his first marriage which gave him his first daughter, who is 21 years old now and works by her father's side. As an eternal teenager, life for Acun was always a game. Friends, games, parties and fun was his everyday life, while his parents were those who cared for a living for him and his family.
However life showed the hard face to Acun, when at the age of 21 he lost both his parents in a car accident. From then on for the next three years, things went from bad to worse. The money his parents left finished, his marriage was dissolved, and all his business attempts resulted in a vacuum. He was completely broke and only thanks to his good friends he managed to overcome that difficult period of his life.
His luck, however, began to change dramatically with  getting started his television career at the age of 24 as a sports reporter in the channel Show TV, where he quickly showed his talent and his unique communication skills. Restless by nature, he created his own television program 'Acun Firarda', with which he traveled around the world.  "Fear Factor", "Survivor", "Turkey has got talent", "Deal or no Deal" and "the Voice" just followed  and
success did not take long to come with all these programs making records on Turkish television and not only.
He loves Greece very much and strongly believes the mentality and way of thinking of Greeks and Turks are very similar. That was why he decided to start his international television career outside the Turkish border from Greece. After "Survivor", there will be more television productions, with "Greece Got Talent" first in the row. We stay tuned to our screens ...