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Alternative tourism on four wheels, in other words, holidays with a campervan or motorhome. A mobile "summerhouse" with a view to the sea, the mountain, the river and any other landscape of your choice. It's an ideal getway solution for adventurers and nature lovers, for the free "spirits", who don't want any restrictions and commitments rule their lives and especially their holidays.

For all those four - wheel - getway lovers, "ZAMPETAS" is the right choice. Through a big collection in campervans and motorhomes - new and second hand- and the largest e-shop for camping products and outdoor equipment, we provide you with solutions and options of your preference and request.
In our modern and well-equiped facilities, specially designed for caravans and motorhomes, we also offer you technical support with free technical control and full report of your vehicle's problems and we move on to the necessary repairs only when and if you wish it. Mobile services are also provided  to any calls of help from the area of Halkidiki during the summertime and only.
Finally, a wide range of products for caravans, camping and other outdoor activities are always at your disposal in both our (1260 sq.m.)premises and our online store.

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18 km Thessaloniki - Peraia, 57019, Thessaloniki
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