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You are travelling many kilometres away from home seeking exciting adventures under bad weather conditions in wild landscapes in the middle of nowhere. The night has come, you are tired from travelling all day long and you can't wait to throw yourself headfirst into a comfortable clean bed without the inconvience of dust and sand. You reach the roof of your vehicle, you open the latch, give the tent top a gentle push, unzip the doors, set up the ladder and your safe haven is ready just in seconds.

For those who don't want to pitch a classic camping tent on the floor, but still dream of sleeping under starry skies in pure landscapes, a roof top tent is the ideal solution."ZAMPETAS" company offers you a range of high quality roof top tents, in different sizes, colours and designs. Comfort, simplicity, fast and easy setup, resilience, light weight and aerodynamic design, all in one product that has significantly altered our way of traveling. Visit our store and get prepared, because the success of an expedition depends not only on the skills of the explorer, but also on the equipment used.



18 km Thessaloniki - Peraia, 57019, Thessaloniki
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