“Vgale derti kai kaimo…gia ZEIBEKIKO kalo”! ( express your pain…to dance a good ZEIBEKIKO!)

Zeibekiko is more than just another Greek dance; it is one of the most beautiful and popular dances in general and is danced with the soul, not only with the body.Zeibekiko is a feeling, is a phase, is a personal moment, is an atmosphere, it is a whole philosophy! Both the dance itself and the music that accompanies it touch the soul of all people all over the world. “Zeibekikos: The dance of pain and personal expression, the dance of fight between emotions and reality!  It can be danced by both men and women ...because the expression of pain does not discriminate in sex. My main goal is  to show to all the Greeks, and not only to them, that Zeibekikos can be learned .. has a rhythm (9/8) on which the dancer moves, improvises, expresses his pain and  sorrow ...This dance has a standard pace, has a specific body posture but also body control on every movement! “(DIMITRIS PETROPOULOS*:  professional choreographer, teacher and dancer of Zeibekiko, owner of 2 Dance Schools in Athens, https://el-gr.facebook.com/dimitrispetropouloszeimpekiko/. He is teaching to people from all over Greece since 1991)

“Zeibekikos is an improvised dance, but there is no dance that cannot be coded at a certain pace and steps helping the student to be trained in it. It's like a foreign language you want to learn, the teacher does not tell you what to say but how to learn to speak and express yourself. "(KATERINA KARATZA:  professional choreographer, teacher and dancer of Zeibekiko since 2005, she teaches in 2 Traditional-Folklore Dances’ Clubs, https://www.facebook.com/xodythe/,in Evosmos in Thessaloniki)

“Zeibekiko is a lonely dance with inner tension and deep expressive feelings! A deposit of the soul…The most beautiful element in Zeibekiko is improvisation, an improvisation that allows everyone to leave their own personal mark! Every Zeibekiko should be unique, performed according to the mood and set up and always being executed in proper rhythm and expressed with musicality!” (CHRISTOS SHAKALLIS)

“Zeibekiko…Feel the moment. Dance the moment. Put your own stamp on the floor. By dancing one of the most powerful solo dances express your pain, your fears, your anger, your passion, your life…in just a few minutes. One of the most beloved dances that grows up with you and changes as you grow up… like a good wine that as it gets older it gets better!” (ELENA SHAKALLI)

The word "Zeibekiko" is etymologically complex by ZEUS (DIAS) which symbolizes the spirit and BEKOS (bread) that symbolizes the body. Ancient Greeks believed that dancing is Gods" gift to man. There are several sources about and various versions of the origins of Zeibekiko dance. The "Turkish zebeck" has nothing to do with Zeibekiko. Zeibekiko was once a lonely dance and only for men. Today it is danced by all, by men and women. Each dancer performs with his/her own dance figures and with his/her own song, usually dancing in a small space, humbly, with dignity and respect. Dancing only once, orders the song he/she likes to follow! DIMITRIS PETROPOULOS has changed and continues to change the dance data across Greece teaching Zeibekiko in many cities...KATERINA KARATZA is dancing alone or with her team and participating in many events, seminars, festivals, TV programs, both in Greece and abroad ...

ALL GREECE now learns how to dance the pain! And not ONLY GREECE but also TURKEY, at the initiative of the Turkish Professional in the Greek Dances, KAAN TEMIZEL who has a DANCE SCHOOL, www.kakapedia.com, and organizes Zeibekiko Workshops and THE GREEK DANCE CONGRESS on 31/3/2018 -01/04/2018, IN TURKEY/ISTANBUL! 

Let's climb the track and dance zeibekiko...or stay there just clapping...in the unique zeibekiko's rhythm!


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