10 reasons we love Thessaloniki

They call it the city of love, of entertainment, of food, anyway there are 10 reasons we love Thessaloniki.

  1. Thessaloniki is a calm city. Besides, it is known to have its οwn time unit. There is no stress and rush. It may be the second largest and most populous city in Greece, but you will actually feel relaxed while visiting it.
  2. The Thessalonians are famous for their hospitality. They have a warm heart and an open mind. There are hundreds of hotels in the city that provide high-quality services.
  3. The history of Thessaloniki is lost in the centuries and this is confirmed through its historical monuments. The Galerius - Kamara Arch, the Rotunda, the Church of Saint Demetrious, the Cathedral of God’s Wisdom, Aristotelous Square, the White Tower are just some of the city's sights. For those who love history, Thessaloniki has many museums that await you to recount in the history of the city.
  4. Thessaloniki, with its picturesque beauty is unique and invites you to a journey back in time. The Upper Town with the narrow streets and the castles, as well as the popular neighborhoods reminds us of something of the past.
  5. Moving to the town is very easy, since you can easily find the way from the one end of the city to the other.
  6. Thessaloniki International Fair (TIF) is an exhibition of great commercial importance, promoting Greece worldwide. Every year, thousands of exhibitors of different business fields are hosted at the exhibition halls, highlighting the trade character of the city.
  7. Thessaloniki is a romantic place, famous as the most erotic city of Greece counting many great love stories. Walk down the New Coast and admire the most beautiful sunset you've ever seen in your life.
  8. Thessaloniki also stands out for its gastronomy. Besides, it is known that the Thessalonians are gourmet-lovers. In every neighborhood there are many taverns and traditional finger food restaurants, with dishes that can satisfy even the most demanding palate. Thessaloniki is a city with international influences, so there are different ethnic restaurants, beer houses, bar-restaurants, as well as the most gourmet venues - some even in hotels and museums.
  9. Thessaloniki never sleeps. It is full of various entertainment venues and promises to make your nights hot.
  10.  It is the ideal destination for all seasons. Autumn, winter, spring or summer the city is waiting for you you to discover it.