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Beside the Shipyard ..... a tavern 'DIFFERENT "and" GRAPHIC ".

"It looks like a storyline from the film of the Italian neorealism. On the background flames from welding, old pipelines, more withdrawn on the shore, waiting their turn to be repaired. The last shipyards city. Rust and saltiness. Sea and nautical stories. At the tables you meet the shipyard workers, old sailors who did not break away from the places they once frequented, curious  people looking for strange places in town. "

 (JMD Tzimou-parallaximag)

The tavern "Karnagio", located at the shipyard area has a "different" atmosphere and flavors that smell like sea. Is the tavern of ordinary people, those who have their "own view", looking for something else out of the ordinary, they do not care about luxury, they prefer good and fresh dishes, they catch and eat shrimps by hand enjoying the food with all their senses, they drink raki or ouzo to make fun, talk, laugh loudly, they get to know with the people sitting at the next table ...... everyone becomes one company. The space is small, frugal, austere, but it has its own, genuine Greek color, a unique charm that "few" can appreciate. As if it was set free from an island tale, as if it was set up for shooting an old Greek film.

In "Karnagio", except -  the always fresh - fish you can eat eggs of squid, sundried octopus, homemade steamed tope, dishes cooked with passion and zest and served with love and smile that comes from the soul, without pretense, offering generous warmth and intimacy .
It is open from 10am and stays open as long as there are people sitting inside, no one will tell you "we close" and as long as there is a good company and  fun, the feast and the conversation continues until the final drop.

For all those who discovered it and prefer to eat well and cheaply "To Karnagio" is the best choice in a place like a fairytale that carries you away to a magical journey..

To Karnagio, G.SXOLHS, 55132 Thessaloniki/Greece
+30 694 255 0922
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