CLUTTER-FREE CHRISTMAS GIFTS small in volume, great in experiences!

Every year, these beautiful days, days of celebration and joy, we think of the gifts we want to do to our loved ones. We want to satisfy them, to make them happy and we are looking to find something different, something unique that we will offer them with all our heart and with all our love.
Of course, there are and those who  dislike clutter but enjoy unwrapping "gifts" on the Christmas or New Year’s  Eve even if they do not admit it, even if they say "oh, I did not need, the gifts are for the children"!
The gift exchange is a traditional habit that complements the joy of these days, it is a satisfaction of the expectation that one thinks of us, because the "gift" counts more intention, gesture and imagination. So if you are worried about your Christmas gifts, if you want to be different from the usual....we have some suggestions for "special" gifts, small in volume, even in one sachet, but that offer pleasant or useful experiences:

1. TICKETS FOR EVENTS-to a concert, to a theater,  a fine movie in the cinema, a comedy, a ballet show, a fashion show, an artistic or sporting event,  a sporting match. 

2. MEMBERSHIP-in a gym, a sports club, a group of special activities or extreme sports, at a dance school.

3. LEARN-subscription in a magazine, a library, a seminar or workshop, an e-course, a private tuition or formal lessons, or a gift-check from a bookstore.

4. PAMPER-VOUCHERS- for face or body treatment, makeover, manicure, massage, spa day/health club, pool, steam bath (hamam), sauna or Jacuzzi, thermal spas.

5. EAT/ENTERTAINMENT-VOUCHERS- for restaurants, taverns, ouzeri, cafes, nightlife places, for a romantic dinner for 2, for a day at a playground or Luna Park.

6. ESCAPE-TRAVELLING (more expensive options): air tickets, a travel package, daily excursion, daily cruise in a boat, sightseeing tour, and weekend away from town.

7. GIFT VOUCHERS- from various shops as Christmas items, candles, sweets, perfumes, make-up, cosmetics or other personal treatment products, jewelry, accessories.

8. FINALLY THE MOST IMPORTANT GIFT FOR WHICH YOU DON’T NEED TO SPEND ANY MONEY is YOURSELF, YOUR PRESENCE, your COMPANY and TIME that you will give for your loved ones by listening to their thoughts and the stories they want to share with you…To do this you could create a simple “I OWE YOU TONIGHT” with a delicious dinner, in the beautiful, warm and  festive atmosphere of these days! Because it’s lovely to create a bank of festive memories to treasure and to make time and space for one another! THIS IS THE MOST PRECIOUS CHRISTMAS GIFT.....REMEMBER IT!