Christmas In Greece


Colored lights everywhere, on trees, columns, squares, windows and balconies, musical melodies that conform harmoniously with the landscape, people walking around the shops in search of Christmas presents, street parties with grilled sausages and warm wine and fresh pastries standing yummy behind the windows of the confectioneries, wrapped in festive packaging with red and golden ribbons. Everywhere motion, sounds, smells, happy voices, games, skating rinks, houses and trees decorated and full of light on the streets, the squares and the neighborhoods. In December, Greece puts on its festive outfit and offers to residents and visitors a journey in the  world of Greek tradition and western festive culture, the magical world of Christmas.

Christmas in the city

Christmas in the Greek big cities, Athens and Thessaloniki, are modern and artistic with emphasis on culture and entertainment, flooded with light, art and music. Cities get decorated, they get transformed and ready invite people in the squares and other central areas, to stimulate both people's mood and the mobility of the market.

In the capital of Greece, Athens, the  center of the celebrations is Syntagma Square. A huge Christmas tree stands every year in the center of the square, while a variety of artistic and musical events with Christmas songs, Byzantine hymns and traditional dances create a magical atmosphere, culminating on New Year's Eve, with the final countdown until the turn of the year and a rain of fireworks filling the sky.

Thessaloniki, on the other hand, every year presents a different Christmas concept. Α star that emerges through the Thermaikos waters, a three-dimensional Christmas tree decorated with a lot of miniature lights and a wooden hull with a woman and a baby in her arms - symbol of the birth of Jesus Christ - Christmas decoration in the streets and in the shopping centers, create a very beautiful festive atmosphere for the Thessalonians and the visitors of the city. Among the dozens of events that will take place in Thessaloniki during the festive season, you shouldn't miss "Asterokosmos", a fabulous space which keeps you excited with toys for all ages, intriguing Elves, Christmas workshops, children's shows, interactive themed lodges, delicious Christmas treats, promising to offer cheerful and entertaining experiences.

Christmas in Dreamland

A very interesting proposal for the Christmas holidays in Greece is the Dreamland in Drama, a fairytale village, specially created for this period of time. Each December the town of Drama puts on its Christmas outfit, gets a festive mood and shares with the people a big hug full of surprises, gifts, artistic events, games, delicious dishes and beautiful ornaments. In Dreamland it's all about a walk in the world of fairy tales, where elves and Santas get alive in front of us and, together with the decorated and illuminated colorful landscape, give us experiences that will be remembered for a lifetime.

White Christmas

When you hear "Christmas and New Year" what image comes first in your mind? The tree is decorated, the fireplace burning and you watching out of the window the flakes falling on the snowy landscape. For those who dream of a white Christmas and the fire burning near the laid table with Christmas treats, St. Athanasius, the traditional and cosmopolitan suburb at the foot of mountain Voras promises to make their dream come true. It is a picturesque landscape, where everything is in stone and dressed in white with fireplaces lit and tables covered with soups and other treats, ready to accommodate our dreams and expectations for the new year. Skiing on the snow-white slopes of Kaimaktsalan mountain, walking on the cobblestone streets, relaxing in the jacuzzi of luxurious accommodations and enjoyable moments with sweet wine by the fireplace. An ideal setting for a memorable Christmas vacation.


We wish you YOU MERRY CHRISTMAS and unforgettable CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS!!!